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With industries requiring laser technologies for utmost precision, perfection is the only op

tion.  Laser Tools Co., Inc. has been at the forefront of laser technology development.  We have been working tirelessly to continue producing innovative laser products that provide many industries with increased productivity and zero downtime.  Laser Tools Co., Inc. specializes in the production of intrinsically safe laser products used in high-precision industries use.


Our wide range of products has been the top choice of industrial, commercial, mining, and marine industries.  We have widened our product range to include optics and small machined parts.  This makes it easier for our clients to order almost everything the need.  All our lasers are designed, machined and assembled in the USA.





Laser Line Generator Optics


A line generator system uses a collimated (straightened) laser beam to shoot through a cylindrical lens.  When using the L58 Style Laser Dot Generator, choose the correct Line Generator Optic to create the appropriate line length for your need

Bar Feeder Laser Alignment

L56SS accessories
Machine Alignment Laser: It's all about machine efficiency!  In our industry, critical machines in the production process require precise alignment to perform to specifications.  Too often the alignment of machines is made by hand.  If misalignment occurs, valuable operation time can be lost.

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GL and L56 Series

These industrial systems are used to align, aim, and position parts and machinery using eye visible laser beams for reference.  Used in hazardous environments, saw mills, CNC machines to align bar feeders, industrial plants, marine works, R&D labs, and laser line applications, these modules are extremely reliable and multi-functioned.

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Product Update

L600 Laser Crosshair Line Generator L600 Laser Crosshair Line Generator "HANDS ON ACCURACY!""You can adjust each line by rotating precision beam steering optics on the front of the model L600." This dual beam line generator system is used for marking, positioning, aligning & establishing orientation and aiming. The L600 Crosshair Line Generator is industrial tough and loaded with extras. More detail
HB59 Steel Enclosure HB59 Steel Enclosure Industrial Enclosure for Dust & Water Protection Price starts at: $95.00 "The Laser shoots out of the side of the box!" Use indoors and outdoors on cranes, gantries, security installations, loading docks, machinery and conveyors.   More detail
L100 & L50 Series Laser Hand Levels L100 & L50 Series Laser Hand Levels Professional contractors and avid DIY experts rely on precision laser tools for faster and more consistent operation. The Model L100M series MX Laser Precision Level™ is our top-selling precision level equipment. This portable device includes a built-in laser that improves user-visibility and project accuracy. The built-in laser emits a harmless light from the end of the precision level, which yields a laser dot visible on almost any surface. More detail
L50XP and GL50XP Laser Micro Level L50XP and GL50XP Laser Micro Level   L50XP Laser Micro Level – Maximum 4.9 milliwatts of collimated laser energy at 635 nanometers. This means that the L50XP can be seen in direct sunlight and will shoot over 500 feet! The L50XP can be used as a precision pocket level, torpedo level and super bight laser platform. Optional Line Generator lens can be built-in and the L50XP will fit into your pocket or tool belt too! More detail
LightGage Detector System LightGage Detector System Used for manufacturing and laboratory applications - Flatness and straightness machine tool travel alignments, roller alignment, parallelism and X,Y beam movements. This is the perfect system for dovetail way and stage alignment in 2 planes, machine and fixture alignmnents, shaft deflectio and run out indications, positioning mating pairs during mold, die and injection operations, laboratory tests and measurements. More detail
GL350 MSHA Mining Alignment Laser GL350 MSHA Mining Alignment Laser   Specifications: 532 nm, Class IIIa Diode Laser <5 mw Maximum Output 2 Size “D” Alkaline Batteries Battery Life: >40 hours continuous use Range: >3000 ft. Laser Beam: Accurate to +/- 1/8" @ 100 feet Dimension: Length 10.5” (266.7cm) x Diameter 1 5/8 (4.13cm) Weight: 4 Lbs., 12 oz.   Optical Line Generator: GL1000 Line Generator creates a 10 ft. line at 100 ft. Built-in Line Generator Lens for vertical reference line. (Use with Models GL350 and GL100M)   More detail
L350 MSHA Mining Alignment Laser System L350 MSHA Mining Alignment Laser System 2000 Foot Projection Used in above ground and underground operations. The Model L350 is rock steady, extremely rugged and uses 12.5mm optics for a small dot size at distance. Solid Brass – Proved to work in Harsh Environments Intrinsically Safe – Explosion Proof Containment Not Required Dust and Waterproof – Great for Underground Use. Adjustable Hanging Brackets Included – Connects to Spads directly Precision Beam Alignment – Tabs and Brackets Self Align Laser Beam to Seam. Optional CL1000 Line Generator Screws into End of the Laser – Projects a Vertical Laser Line... More detail
L58 and GL58 Alignment Lasers L58 and GL58 Alignment Lasers All precision equipment must be aligned in order to deliver accurate and quality parts. Improper equipment geometry can result in the loss of production time.  Our 58 Series Alignment Lasers are used to align, aim, and position parts amd machinery to instantly and accurately measure X-Y deviation at any point along the line up to 300 feet long. More detail

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